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Utilizing the best industry practices in website development to create visually appealing & user-friendly websites.

Success Stories

Millennium-7 - Components of electronics

Tsaly - We simplify your needs

Miss Baby - Dress your little ones

Bella Beautyom - Discover your beauty

Anwar Najd - Lab Grown Diamonds

QCart - Perfumes Crafted with Elegance

Al Munir Center - Specialist of all eyes disease

Al Ghazal Law - Your trusted legal partner


Elegnto - As gorgeous as you

Momamya - The Real Style For You

Brugge - Discover the world Belgian chocolate

Freemera- Stylish and sustainable glasses

Home Perfume - The finest in fragrance oils

Naughtycar - Enhance your driving experience

Bdayel - Make your design come true

Qlabtics - Committed To Quality Laboratory Products

Make life sweet every day

Ensure the quality of your work

Megabana - Pack your favorite lunch

Astrasumo - Feel the quality of great features

Sa7abah - Our previous agency

Cgenomix - Your medical & laboratory supplies

Cgenomix Shop - Your medical & laboratory supplies

Glamour Glow - A Personal Touch

Photomavic - Designed to last

Don't be de-lighted

Doobikw - Giving light to the world

Newstyls - New season clothes

Crossover - Set up your GYM in your home

Likememore - Buy social media followers

Technical services system

Qolvc - Quality of life veterinary clinic

Shine with the beauty of your nails and hair

Perla Peinture - Transform your space with our brushes

WD-Decor - We design your ideas into reality

AM Gestion - Let the building speak

Wathiq Transport - The future of group transfers

MCT - Your advisory & tech services

Omerco - E-commerce company

Babk - High quality doors

Cleanplusksa - Best clean in the fastest time

Sara Auto - Rent as you go

Ausan Ticaret - Your guide to Turkish factories

Al Safi United - Al Safi United projects

SDN shop - The ultimate men's apparel

7srii - Let’s Play and Share

Coffeee8 - A Hot Cup of Happiness

Livestorear - Augmented reality games

Huggzi - Spoil your baby with Huggzi

Desert Gears - Never breaks easily

Expert Media - The audience is our priority

Brainor Edu - Towards imagination and creativity

Sumo Tower - Get the best of the digital world

Atareh - Scents for every soul

CW - Warehouse rental services

Blooms Shop - Make memories with games

Wardtronics - The techies you love

Olandow - Auto face tracking tripod

Teddy Bear Hug - Feel what you deserve

Ighwae - Love is life

Globlada - You have to improve it


Members in the team

Hardworking individuals pushing Foundry to its highest potential


Years of experience

Our team have been running well about 4 years and keep going.


Successful Projects

Projects built, designed and delivered

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We are proud of what our customers say about us and very happy to participate in building the success of their businesses

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